Set objectives – If your objective is simply to play the slots in any random fashion, that’s fine, but unless money is not a major issue for you, you still need to be careful and set objectives regarding your budget for a given round or day of playing slots.

Careful not to get jackpot crazy – Winning at the fruit machine won’t necessarily happen if you blindly play a machine and chase the jackpot, particularly on some of those high-end slots. If you want to try for some real fun play, check out the nickel and penny machines where available. On those, ten bucks can go a real long way.


Know when to move on – If you get a good hit, take another few pulls and run. Despite the views of many who believe in sticking by a specific machine for hours on end, there simply comes a time when your gut will tell you to move on – and you should.


The world’s biggest Slot Machine Manufacturers (AGMMA)

Money management is important – From a budgetary perspective, you should know where you stand at all times. Try not to play credits which is akin to running up your credit card account because it’s so easy, then crying your heart out as your raw cash has to be used to pay it back over time. Unless you’re a ‘rich mogul’, you should try to play coins. It’s slower and you can use the counters on the slots to keep track of where you stand.

Understand the fruit machine’s payoff schedule – Winning at slots means being observant and understanding the payoff schedule on any slot machine that you play. This will prevent misunderstandings and resulting disappointments after certain wins. Once you have done this, you’ll probably avoid certain machines.


Collect all your dough – The attendant usually pays large jackpots, while some machines pay partial jackpots with the attendants paying the rest. Never leave your machine until you have received all your winnings.


Luck – Luck is always a factor for winning at slots. Do not underestimate the role that luck plays. If you win big, you are just plain lucky – always remember that.




The most important element is you.

You…..Know yourself and set your own boundaries and style of play.


The house….Casinos know human nature and not from a book but from hard day to day experience. Greed is the greatest motivator and this they understand very well. So don’t play to make money….play to have fun for the least amount of money.


Set objectives…..If your objective is to just play the Togel Singapore slots in any random fashion, that’s fine, it’s your money and if this brings you a measure of fun, great. I have played that way for many years and lost “Mucho Dinaro” I thought I was enjoying myself but I can tell you I have a lot more fun now using the method of play I’ve developed.


Steaming…Don’t blindly play a machine and chase the Jackpot, Particularly on the high end slots. If you want to play for fun play the nickle machines, $10.00 goes a long way.


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