At the recently concluded World Series of Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang Poker in Las Vegas, four of the top finishers started their journeys at satellite tournaments on the site, according to Discenza.

This year’s $5 million champ, Greg Raymer, a patent attorney from Connecticut, plays on under the moniker Fossilman. Second-place winner David Williams from Dallas is RugDoctor, seventh-place finisher Matt Dean of Woodlands, Tex., is mattpackage and ninth-place winner Michael McClain of Davis Calif., plays under the log-on mockahai.

The 2003 winner, then-amateur Chris Moneymaker, also started out on (his log-on is Money800), and is credited with Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang having played a major role in the current explosion in the popularity of Texas Hold’em.

Still, isn’t even at the top of the game. The busiest site,, often gets three times the action, according to To keep pulling in paying customers, that site offers a $100 bonus for a player’s first cash deposit. But thousands play practice games there, too.

Online poker involving play money has gotten so wild, says Discenza, that a small second-hand market has sprung up on eBay and on Internet poker news groups for the purchase of large amounts of the electronic practice chips.

As if all that action isn’t enough, nine of the world’s best poker players have banded together to help form, another Internet poker room.

While its software is still in beta testing, the Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang site will offer amateurs a chance to test their skills at Texas Hold’em, and several other forms of poker, against professional legends like Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey and Chris (Jesus) Ferguson.

Discenza says that “while the free games are there to get you familiar with the process, you can pick up a lot of bad habits.” He recommends that once you are comfortable with the basic nuances of Hold’Em, you should take some action in a real money low-limit game, even as small as 2-cents/4-cents or 5-cents/10 cents.

“At least then you are playing with real money,” he says. “Even at those amounts it hurts if you lose.”

I’m going to find out in the next several weeks. In between visiting and playing at several more casino poker rooms, PPT is going to fund an online account with real cash and give it a whirl.

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