If you can’t wait for mobile poker units in Vegas, there are numerous sites that now allow you to play from your cell phone or smartphone/ PDA. After a bit of searching, I randomly picked two. Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed, but that’s just my experience because I didn’t like the setup process. I’m only writing about so that you know what you’re in for on some websites.


Holdempoker.com has software you can download to your cell phone. This software lets you use real or play money, and claims to be secure. You are required to sign up for a free account.


The sign up process is the typical annoying type, with the extra annoyance that you have to come up with a nickname that has at least digit in it. But instead of telling you this, they just tell you the name you’ve selected has been taken – no matter how obscure the name. Then, they make you enter all of your personal information, including address and phone number. Surprisingly, the site thought I was from South Africa when I’m really in Canada. What the?


After you check your email for an activation code and sign in, there’s no link back to the original download page. You have to dig through your web browser’s history to go back to the download page. Now, not only do you have to ensure that your cell phone can download and run Java applications, you have to provide your cell phone number, get back a code, and then download.


Sorry, but way too complicated. And they don’t even tell me upfront what phones or smartphones/ PDAs they support. Someone needs to overhaul the entire signup and download process.


It’s possible that the process is the way it is because of legal issues. I don’t know, but there’s too much nuisance. On the other hand, Mobile Gaming Now has a their mobile poker signup process down to simplicity. You get 500 free credits for fun play.


Unfortunately, they support mobile phones from only 8 Casino Cbet companies, and my Palm Treo 650 isn’t on that list: Samsung, Siemens, RIM (Blackberry), Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson, Audiovox, and LG.


There’s also software that you can purchase for a variety of mobile devices, but these all have AI (Artificial Intelligence) players, if I’m not mistaken. Sorry, but with cards, if I’m not playing solitaire, I want to play against real people, especially with poker.


I’ll keep looking for mobile card games and report my findings here. But so far, I’m sticking with my mobile solitaire game.



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