On March 5, 2003 the virtual Brandy Casino was opened for real money playing. This project belongs to PlayTech Company – one of the leading manufactures & operators in Internet gambling.

Brandy Casino is a new project in the Togel gambling business. It offers everyone to play any time, in any place, and take unique opportunities such as an unusually high bonus system, free download, constant upgrade of games, excellent graphics and easy usage. All those make playing in Brandy Casino real enjoyment!


Our unusually high bonus, that is up to $500, is made for the favour of our players. It is the main feature that differs Brandy Casino from other online casinos. More than that, if you want to check your chances, choose playing for fun.


Is it your cherished desire to play in an online casino? But you are afraid of using your credit card. Make sure that our security service works for you and makes using your credit card (or any other money system) reliable and safe. To ensure excellence in service, Brandy Casino has a toll-free 24/7 support team available for every need of players.


If you feel bored of playing alone, invite your friends to join you. Our chat room will help you to communicate with them even though your friends are miles away. Or you may find new company in Brandy Casino chat!


Bonuses, graphics, chat, 24 hours support, full statistics, a great amount of games, design of the screen, sound, music, regimes of fast and slow play – make you feel and dip into atmosphere of a real casino. No matter where you are, in judi slot Casino you will always smell Las Vegas around you!


4GL Solutions’ Unveils Automated Player’s Card Club Application


4GL Solutions Inc. recently unveiled its new Automated Player’s Card Club Application to its existing Player Relationship Management (PRM) suite of services. Incorporating Wireless Applications and Hardware, the integrated Palm computing platform allows casino personnel to remotely input and access player data and aggressively provide the ability to collect, manage and communicate data from any point of activity while providing greater efficiency.


While increasing the ability to capture player’s information for Player’s Card systems processing, this also allows for capturing missed opportunities of registration as well as identifying any VIP Players requiring specialized treatment, capture and track player activity and award points. This same application has an administrative function for the management to obtain “real-time” reporting that is representative of the actual play.


These applications include a Business Intelligence backend that can be custom designed or integrated to existing data warehouses to further provide player-profiling analysis. These solutions provide a competitive advantage to analyze, predict, and maximize the value of each player relationship.


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